Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fill your cup

On my way to work one day last week I was listening to KLUV a Christian radio station and the host was talking about something she has seen. I didn't get if it was a card or what exactly she saw.  It was "Fill your cup, and nourish others with your overflow".  I dug into my purse and grabbed a business card and scrawled those words on the back of it.  I just knew I had to go home and make a card with those words.  I was also browsing around on the internet and saw Willow with coffee and knew I had to have her.  There is just something about coffee images that reminds me of me heritage.  I grew up the daughter of a pastor, as well as one time farmer in Alberta.  The thing about these farmers in Alberta is that winter, summer, spring, fall, any weather; you stop in and they put a pot of coffee on.  My dad still goes for coffee in the mornings with his coffee friends.  And my mom has frozen desserts ready for when family and friends stop by.  I know I will use this sentiment again.  If I can find one of a girl reading her Bible over a cup of coffee or tea, it will be perfect.

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Monica said...

That's a beautiful sentiment, something to remember everyday :0) Your card is beautiful, thanks for sharing!