Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cricut Giveaway at CDAC

Are you a member over at CDAC?  Or a Follower of Priscillastyles blogspot?  Well you will want to head on over there today.  They are giving a Cricut away to one lucky particant. I would love for it to be me.  Yeah, I have a Cricut Expression but my youngest daughter has just let us know we will have a new Christmas baby.  Very excited for her and her hubby.  If I win, this will go to her.  She will be drawn into scrapbooking when that baby comes!!  She likes to do it a little, but babies change that and I think she will want to do more!
Anyways, head on over to and enter yourself!!


Now who wouldn't want to win this for free!!!

1 comment:

Lori m said...

OH Brenda,

Congratulations to you and your family, a Christmas baby, how wonderful. Hope you win, I do have to be honest, I've wanted a baby Cricut for a very long time so I kind of hope I win too. :)

Hugs, Lori m