Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Handmade Christmas Gifts

Wow, it has been almost a month since I have made a card.  Now that doesn't mean that I haven't been crafting.  This year we decided to make a lot of our Christmas gifts for the Grandbabies.  Not to save money, but because in my memory the things that meant so much to us as kids and the best memories that I have of Christmases when I was a child are the handmade items that we received.  When I say we, I always mean my twin sister Rebecca and I.  Because as you can imagine, whatever was made for one, was made for both of us.  So Papa and I have been sewing (OK, that is me), cutting, building, sanding, and painting gifts for the kiddo's,

The girls, (Peighton-5, Kiah-3, Jemma-2) are getting beds for their dolls.  The beds of course need bedding, mattresses, pillows and a quilt. Nova who is 1 1/2 is getting a crib for her baby, which of course will require a mattress, quilt, and pillow.  And Gunner who is almost 3 is getting a gun rack made by Papa, that will say Gun's Guns!!

I was so excited to find fabulous plans over at Ana White Homemaker for beds for 18 inch dolls.  Now Gene did the cutting, I think he is afraid I would cut off a finger or something!! And I did the building.  

I learned a few lessons along the way.  Don't buy a cute little drill that is small and under 10 volts because it is Lime Green, no use the bigger 18 volt drill that belongs to your husband!!  I learned how to countersink screws.  I do really think though that you should have 3 drills so that you don't have to continually change back and forth. ;)  The first bed took me a good day to finish, the next two went so much faster.  The building that is..... not the sanding and painting!!

Now, I wish I could take the credit for the crib that Gene built for Nova.  He did it one day while I was a work, I did however get to sand and paint it.  I think it is darling and can't wait to give it to her! It has a cool little storage drawer underneath it.  You know, for diapers and such!

The plans for this crib can also be found by Ana White. I just love how this turned out!!  The blankets, pillows and mattresses were not made with any plans, just sewn.  Now did I mention I can't wait for Christmas!! I cannot wait to give these gifts to the girls.  I will be back with Gunners gift later!

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Lynne Armstrong said...

Hello Bren...miss seeing your smiling face around our DT. Just stopped by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...all the best for 2012 :) Those Christmas pressies for your grandbabies are BRILLIANT!! And I agree that the best presents are the handmade ones...those kids will have such wonderful memories from these.
Big hugs xx

Lori m said...

Brenda, those are priceless, your grandchildren will be so happy on Christmas with these amazing gifts.

Beautiful job, hugs, Lori m

Sara I. said...

Hey stranger!! Hope that you've been enjoying the holiday season - sooo good to see a post from you ..I've definitely missed you!! The furniture is amazing - looks like Pottery Barn for dolls! WTG!
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas filled with good memories and happy times!

Lau W said...

Oh this is beautiful, a superb gift !
Merry Christmas Brenda, for you and your family !

Craftdee said...

Hi Bren, just thought I'd pop over and wish you and your family a happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Your gifts look lovely, I'm sure they'll treasure them :-) Donna

Gina L said...

Bren, you and Gene are so talented and these are such awesome gifts!!! I know the grandbabies were stoked, although apparently Nova thought the crib was for her, not her babies. LOL. Can't wait to see Gunner's gun rack. I'll bet that's fab, too!

Angela B. said...

Very cute project! Happy New Years!

Roxann said...

Hey, Bren! Fabulous projects, gal! I sure the kiddos with love them! My Dad used to make a lot of stuff out of wood and I miss that! Hope you are well and that your new endeavor is going great!

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