Monday, November 7, 2011

Something other than a card!!

My hubby and I have been hitting the little auction on Friday nights.  One thing that I have been bidding on are pictures and frames. I have so many ideas in mind for them.  I have been wanting to make a chalk board for my kitchen wall.  This is what I came up with. 

As you can see I haven't hung it yet, but I wanted to share it!!  So, the question is.....should I add white paint to the frame and distress it?  Or leave it as is?  Want to see how it started?  Well of course you do!! I bought this picture for $5 at the auction.

I tried to rough up the glass using steel wool, next time I will use a fine sand paper.  Apparently the paint adheres better that way.  I cleaned the glass with rubbing alcohol and taped off the frame.  I used spray paint chalk.  And gave it about 3 coats.  After waiting at least 24 hours I cured the chalk board with chalk and then wiped it off.   Yesterday I bought chalk paint in the can, my friend Laurie says that is the way to go.  We will see!!!  


Flip-Flop Creations said...

Beautiful frame Bren!! Love a chalkboard in the kitchen, I have one too. Not sure about the distressing, what color are your cabinets and walls? ~jeni :)

Jacilynn said...

I love it. Great find. I love my chalkboard menu! use it allt he time

Jessica said...

Brenda, this is absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic Job!

I wanted to stop by to share a link that shows the items I was able to purchase with my $20 GC to Michael's that I won at the 1000 Member Party!
Thanks again!!!

Sara I. said...

How awesome is this?!? It's brilliant actually - and what a great find! I love the frame just the way it is!!

Charlene said...

Wow Bren are you ever the talented one! I just love that idea of the chalk board picture frame. I'm with Sara, I think the frame looks great as is. I may just have to "steal" this idea from you for my new kitchen (when we figure out where we're moving to lol).

Rene' Sharp said...

I have also only recently started visiting auctions. I went to one about 3 weeks ago and bought a couple of items I want to refurbish. It's quite exciting and nerve racking though. I am still learning how best to sand, paint etc. See you later :)

Craftdee said...

Hi Bren, this is just lovely as it is, only distress it if you've got "that" sort of kitchen. You know in my guise as Folk Art teacher I alter things all time: I've found the best thing to prime with is stuff called ESP (Easy Surface Prep) but that may be an Aussie product, you'll have something like it there... Gesso is also very good, Jo Sonjas is excellent :-) Dee