Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary

So it has been 23 years since I married my dear sweet husband!!! If you knew him you would laugh at that description. He doesn't like to be considered sweet. Doesn't want everyone to know he is a softy. If you saw him with his grandbabies you would know he is just an overgrown Teddy Bear.

That said, this is the card I made for him. It is a Penny Black stamp. It is hard to tell but this really is a chocolate brown and yellow. The ribbon is brown as well.

Thanks for checkin it out!


dale said...

I won't tell him he's a sweety.LOL Beautiful card!

Guylou said...

I am reading a book called "Wild at Heart" where men are described at adventurers. The author also mentioned that if there is one thing men don't like to be called is "Sweet". LOL!!!

Congratulations on 23 years of marriage!!! What a blessing! Love your card!